Christen Iversen

Raised in Africa on a diet of graphic novels, science fiction, fine art and film, Christen has developed an unique appreciation for storytelling and style and an insatiable appetite for his craft.

In this he has developed a particular sensitivity for visual effects-heavy post production and it's unique challenges. In the most recent decade he has edited, post produced and supervised the completion of more than 1000 commercials, many short dramatic films and a host of fashion spots.

In 2011 he exhibited a film art piece with Palestinian fine artist Laila Shawa in Paris and London. The opportunity to add his talents to feature film projects has sparked a sea-change in Christen's skills-set to include a focus on dramatic content and performance. This laced together with his already extensive base of creative work, feature films represent an expression of what it is to be a fully fledged film editor.